Maighan's Birthday | House Party, Zoetastic Pilates & Human Trash

Recently it was my friend Maighan's 19th birthday. We celebrated with a good old fashioned house party. There was lots of music, snacks, drinks and most importantly beer pong with paper balls. As strange as that sounds it wasn't our first choice. Ping pong balls would have been much preferred but you could say we were slightly unorganised. We even took a last minute trip to the shops to look for ping pong balls but that was rather unsuccessful. However, we made do with paper balls and had fun nonetheless. I was lucky enough to get some appropriate footage of the day and made a little video documenting some of the day. I hope you enjoy x


I created this short film for one of my courses last semester at Uni. We were given a lot of freedom with this assignment and so I decided to do what i do best - dig a little deeper. Addicted is about the internal struggles that teenagers and young adults often face. Mental illness is a real thing and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. This film aims to create awareness of depression and substance addiction and to show people that they are NOT ALONE. This can be a cruel, harsh world at times and often people feel as though their feelings are irrelevant or that they need to suppress their feeling - which is most definitely not the case. If you are struggling seek help, it is so incredibly important. x

What I Eat In A Day #1 | Vegan/Plant Based

The Cinnamon Challenge

England? I broke the law? Does Snapchat tell the truth?


If you know me, you will know that I LOVE adventures - big or small, planned or spontaneous, long or short, free or expensive. I believe life is all about experiences and moments that take your breath away. For me it is one way to stay truly happy. I am officially dedicating this year to adventures because that's when I feel most alive.

Last week my friend Holly went skydiving and afterwards we spontaneously decided to spend the day in Port Elliot and Goolwa. We had such a fun day exploring, shopping, eating and relaxing by the beach. It was such a peaceful and self nurturing day and we had the best time.

Why I Have Writers Block


So, you guessed it. I have the good old writers block. Well, that's not entirely true but i'm just not sure what to call the situation I'm in.

I have a list of things I want to write about but this past week I have struggled to find the inspiration or energy because I feel so so sad. I am just really homesick at the moment and I can't seem to kick the feeling that sits in my stomach all day and night.

Everything I do or see or say reminds me of home and nothing seems the same anymore...not even me. I'm almost scared to move on because I feel like the pain is all I have left of home and if I let that go then I have nothing. I can't even listen to my favourite song anymore because it just makes me want to cry. (Tragic, I know)

Anyway, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet (not so sweet - sort of depressing actually). So until next time - which is soon, I promise.

Zoe Leigh x